Revolutionary, Sustainable Platforms


Deal type: Private Equity

Industry: Sustainable tech

Market focus: LED lighting

AXXA Sustainable Technologies is comprised of assets focused on offering cost-effective sustainable green technologies to end-users. C4 has a revolutionary patented heat coating system based on infrared technology that can be deployed as an efficient, cost-effective alternative energy source. The technology attains uniform heating of all applied surfaces to achieve comfortable temperatures. End use markets include residential buildings, factories and vehicles.
The Lucenttech ecommerce platform has been built to provide municipalities, commercial and residential properties, retailers, corporations and government Institutions lighting solutions at no cost to them. Through a wide selection of lighting technology, clients are able to demonstrate a tangible commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility Shoreline Redevelopment International Initiative (SRII) is a JV with a well-established consultancy in the Northeast US that has extensive experience in Design, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning, Town Country and Coastal Planning. SRII partnered for dredging machine to deliver cost-effective land rehabilitation. Status: currently under review and contingent on improvements in the economic environment.

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