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Who We Are

  • Exxe Group, Inc. is a publicly traded FinTech company trading under the ticker symbol: AXXA.
  • The Company seeks to acquire controlling equity interests in undervalued assets, transforming them by providing both capital and structured financing, as well as operational management expertise.
  • Exxe Group has successfully executed 28 acquisitions across several industries.
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Who we Are
What make us different

What makes us different

  • Exxe Group’s vision is of a world transforming into a new paradigm where digital space becomes inseparable from physical space.
  • Our philosophy is to build a portfolio holding traditional relatable assets that grow value through technology-based strategies.
  • Exxe Group can quickly establish marketplaces via the implementation of new technologies that connect the assets in the form of products and services to our digital communities of consumers.
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Why Exxe? Strong Financial Performance

  • Assets have grown from approximately $18 million in FY-18 to approximately $222 million at the end of FY-21.
  • Exxe Group’s revenue base has grown from approximately $79,000 in FY-2018 to approximately $34 million in FY-21
  • Exxe Group swung from a net annual loss of approximately $174,000 in FY-18 to annual profits of approximately $6.6 million in FY-21, along with a net profit margin of ~24.5% in FY-21.
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Featured Assets

Exxe has four operating segments: Real Estate, FinTech, Digital & Diversified Technologies, and Agribusiness. Exxe’s diversified asset base includes majority controlling interests in multiple entities across a wide range of industries and countries, as well as minority interests in selected startups.

Luxury Beachfront Condominium

Luxury beachfront penthouse condominium located in the heart of the historic Art Deco section of South Beach, Miami on Ocean...

Iconic 5-Star Luxury Hotel

This 50-room iconic 5-star luxury hotel is referred to as “The Castle” and is housed within the framework of a...

Unique Multi-Purpose Property: Switzerland

The epitome of future asset evolution and value expansion, Exxe Group owns a large plot of land with an industrial...

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