Vital, Sought-After AgriFinance


Deal type: Private Equity

Industry: Agribusiness

Market focus: Hemp

AXXA AgriFin is a FinTech operation focused on financing activities in the agricultural sector. This leverages Exxe’s growing presence across agribusiness market segments. Crops financed include, but are not limited to wheat, corn, barley, sunflower, and hemp. AXXA Agrifin tech aids financing transactions in certain commodities, representing a network of farmers in Canada and Europe. Working on developing multiple tech for agribiz including implementing Blockchain, CRM, marketing technology Exxe’s Agribusiness management consulting provides financial expertise throughout its global network, allowing it to increase physical sales volume and gross profits over fivefold. Anticipating demand for orderly food supply chain management, AXXA AgriFin also acts as a broker in the trading exchange of niche commodities, thereby fulfilling successful trades for both sides.

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