Who We Are

Exxe Group Powering Asset Evolution | Equity Expansion

Exxe Group, Inc. is a publicly traded FinTech company. Our Common shares trade under the ticker symbol: AXXA. The Company is a U.S. corporation organized under the laws of the State of Delaware.

Exxe Group operates at the nexus of Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Distressed Debt. The Company seeks to acquire controlling equity interests in undervalued assets. Once an asset is acquired, Exxe takes an active role by providing both capital and structured financing, as well as operational management expertise.

Since 2018 Exxe Group has successfully executed 28 acquisitions across several industries.

Exxe has four operating segments: Real Estate, FinTech, Digital & Diversified Technologies, and Agribusiness. Exxe’s diversified asset base includes majority controlling interests in multiple entities across a wide range of industries and countries, as well as minority interests in selected startups.

Real Estate has a diversified collection of commercial real estate assets including hotels, mortgages, rental properties, and undeveloped land located in Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, and the United States and Canada.

FinTech includes Blockchain, e-Commerce platforms, Cryptocurrency Exchange and fiat Foreign Exchange (Forex) platforms, and Venture Capital. The Venture Capital assets include a range of early-stage potentially disruptive, high growth assets. These assets are generally illiquid, generate little to no current revenue, and the assets may undergo internal restructurings to establish fresh base valuations. Holdings in this class also have the potential to grow their assets and revenues with well above-average returns.

Digital & Diversified Technologies includes a diversified range of software and hardware assets. Software assets include, but are not limited to, Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital community assets, and media assets. Hardware assets include, but are not limited to, auto parts manufacturing equipment, car engine repair tooling, robotics, and waterway dredging machinery.

Agribusiness assets span a range of activities centered around farming, storage and transportation. These investments allow the Company to finance growing crops such as barley, wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, and hemp in fields and shipping those crops to wholesale markets around the world. This includes financing, trading, processing, storage, testing, and logistics.