Why Exxe? Strong Financial Performance

Exxe Group Powering Asset Evolution | Equity Expansion

Exxe Group acquires undervalued assets at, or close to, their nadir, positioning them for success using a multi-year growth implementation strategy. In so doing, Exxe seeks to maximize profits over the long term while lowering risk factors over shorter time periods.

Since May of 2018, assets have grown from approximately $18 million in FY-18 to approximately $222 million at the end of FY-21. Over the same timeframe, Exxe Group’s revenue base has grown from approximately $79,000 in FY-2018 to approximately $34 million in FY-21.

Exxe’s comprehensive business model has produced long-term profitable operations in addition to asset and revenue growth. This is evidenced by the fact that the company swung from a net annual loss of approximately $174,000 in FY-18 to annual profits of approximately $6.6 million in FY-21, along with a net profit margin of ~24.5% in FY-21. Looking ahead, Exxe Group is on the verge of entry into the high growth revenue generation phase in the crypto exchange services sector, led by its 1Myle subsidiary, a UK-based company. 1Myle executes swift conversion between fiat<>crypto and crypto<>crypto. The successful rollout is expected to transform Exxe Group’s revenue base and global fintech positioning with the addition of $20 million in revenue per year.