Next-Gen Software/AI Platforms: AXXA Digital Technologies


Deal type: Private Equity

Industry: Technology

Market focus: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and associated software

AXXA Digital Technologies is built based on Neccentric customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and lead generation artificial intelligence (AI) software. Neccentric is a digital management consultancy whose services include app development, CRM, ERP, front & back-end development, as well as brand and marketing development. Business areas of service include Financial Technology, Health & Wellness, Media & Entertainment, E-Commerce. Neccentric AI is a B2B lead generation platform which seeks to engage potential new customers for existing operating businesses. Besides a number of ongoing projects, Neccentric is working on integration and support of AXXA Digital Communities, Private Investor Community, Content Marketplace and MarketMediaConnect (MMC)

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