Diverse, Digital and Blockchain Communities: AXXA Digital Communities


Deal type: Private Equity

Industry: FinTech

Market focus: Agriculture, Blockchain

AXXA Digital Communities focuses on building like-minded digital interest communities. AXXA plans to work using its existing asset base to expand and partner with the following special interest communities: investors, real estate holders, travelers, Bitcoin / crypto, arts , design, furniture, music, film, luxury goods buyers, farmers, and automotive buyers. AXXA Private Investor Community is an example of the community focused on investor interests in alternative asset classes. Exxe Group plans to offer exclusive VIP concierge services for elite, wealthy, trendsetters. Currently at the design stage. AXXA Farmer: a community focused on utilizing blockchain technology that serves the needs of farming communities in areas such as bulk purchasing, value-added crop production, agri-consulting, farming contracts, and training programs.

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