Innovative, Digital Real Estate Platform: REAXXA


Deal type: Private Equity

Industry: FinTech

Market focus: Real estate trading

REAXXA is a real estate community marketplace that is being integrated with blockchain technology. Currently in the development stage, REAXXA is focused on building a real estate investor platform that will allow investors to list their real estate assets for other investors to see, and serve as a source of liquidity and fractional ownership once appropriate regulatory certifications have been obtained REAXXA’s goal is to provide easier access to high quality real estate projects and investment capital while lowering costs associated with those transactions. This works by using technology 威而鋼 to match real estate offerings with potential access to capital. Status: MMC/NECCENTRIC, and other Exxe Group partner teams are working on the project implementation. Management is seeking to add additional software packages to enhance the technology functionality. Once that has occurred the project will proceed into compliance and then its revenue generation phase.

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